My husband and I have been trying to conceive on our
own for almost 3 years and weren’t successful. We
met Dr. Noel Peng through a referral from my husband’
s urologist. He sat down with us and explained the
whole process from beginning to end and was always
willing to answer our millions of questions since we
didn’t know much about infertility treatment. After
running several test we sat down and talked about
the plan he had specifically for us. I loved how he was
always concern and caring about my health first and
foremost since I have Lupus and he also made sure to
keep an open communication going with my doctors.
We are now 6 weeks pregnant! Words cannot express
how grateful we are to Dr. Peng and his staff for
helping me and my family with our little blessing. I
highly recommend him to friends who are trying to
conceive. Thank you Dr. Peng and staff for being so
acknowledgeable and supportive throughout this


Dr. Peng and the IVF Institute are the experts in
fertility and kindness. Dr. Peng is a very sincere,
passionate, humble individual; not to mention, well
educated and extremely thorough in the specialized
area of fertility. My husband and I conceived with Dr.
Peng (and his staff)'s magic; we are of course thrilled
and grateful that this moment has come to fruition.
The IVF Institute came highly referred to us and we
happily and honestly pass the referral along.
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