Only Dr. Peng has understood the importance of the
life of an embryo.
I had two miscarriages in my sixth week of pregnancy
and I visited
multiple doctors in the past with no success. I was in
the 4th week of
my third pregnancy when I decided to see Dr. Peng. I
was in a race
against time since I knew that my hormonal issues
would not allow me
to continue the pregnancy if I had remained
untreated. His treatment
allowed me to become the mother of a healthy and
beautiful 3 years old
boy. Now, I am 7 weeks pregnant and I have a heart
beat! It looks like we
have done it again. I would recommend Dr. Peng to
my circle of friends
without a doubt. Dr. Peng is proactive and listens to

I went in to his office to get my blood drawn and
everyone was hugging me and saying we are praying
for you! Later that afternoon I received a call from Dr.
Peng and he and his staff, they were all on the phone
screaming “ you’re pregnant”. I couldn’t stop crying
and I knew they were too! It was such a happy
moment to have shared with them. A couple days
later I went in for a ultrasound and he saw the
embryo and handed me the picture. I was crying of
course from happiness, then he printed another
picture and said look at this. I looked and couldn’t tell
and he said, they both took! You’re pregnant with
twins!!!! One of his nurses came over to me and held
my hand and was crying just as much as I was. Just
when you feel like something is impossible,
something amazing happens! I’m seven weeks
pregnant and have seen both my babies heart beats
and I just feel like “ Thank you” just doesn’t seem like
enough to say! What can you say to people that
have changed your life for the better and given you
your dream? I thank god everyday for Dr. Peng and
his staff, they are caring people that love what they
do. I saw them sometimes every week and built such
an amazing relationship with all of them. Dr. Peng
and his staff will always carry a special place in our
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